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[PX6 /QCM6125] [Special Edition] 12.1" Android 9/12 Fast boot Navi Radio for Chevy Silverado GMC SIERRA 2014 - 2019

[PX6 /QCM6125] [Special Edition] 12.1" Android 9/12 Fast boot Navi Radio for Chevy Silverado GMC SIERRA 2014 - 2019

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[PX6 /QCM6125 ] [Special Edition] 12.1" Android 9/12 Vertical Screen Six-Core Android Navigation Radio Car Stereo Head Unit Audio Player in-dash Receiver for Chevrolet Silverado GMC SIERRA 2014 - 2018

Please note that the actual items may look slightly different from the pictures.

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Relaunched and much Improved, Special Edition, compared with the normally edition, has the following advantages:

  • The special edition has Black Knobs instead of Chrome knobs, more OEM look. 
  • Improved design of knobs and buttons, more sturdy.
  • The two knobs can independently have customized function selected from 5 options: Volume, Driver-side Temperature, Passenger-side Temperature, Fan Speed, and Tune. You assign what function you like.  
  • Has additional sound processing box which gives better sound quality.
  • Automatically switch between OEM and aftermarket sound sources, no longer need to set the audio source in OEM UI first.
  • Added some A/C control function for physical buttons for better control. ( For Auto A/C, long press of A/C button will SYNC dual-zone temperature; short press of the button inside the knob assigned A/C control function will activate 'Auto' mode if it's not in 'Auto' mode; it will turn off A/C, if it's in 'Auto' mode, etc. ) 
  • Standard HMI camera adapter harness to improve backup camera image quality for vehicles with IO4, IO5 and IO6 system.
  • Same unit can be used for IO3, IO4, IO5, IO6 with settings change and hard-reboot.

Compared to competitor product:

  • Ours retain almost all OEM features.
  • Retain OEM MyLink or Intellilink UI.
  • Retain OEM HD and SXM radios if equipped. 
  • Retain OEM 4G LTE in-vehicle WiFi and fully functional OnStar.
  • Retain OEM rear entertainment if equipped.
  • Plug and play easy installation for all trim levels. No additional costly harness needed for vehicles with premium sound system. Keep OEM sound quality.

Improvements and bug fixes since release in Sept. 2018:

  • Fixed slow responses for OEM control issue in some manual A/C vehicles.
  • Fixed OEM UI no display issue for vehicles with OEM rear entertainment. 
  • Fixed OEM UI display off-center or distortion issue in some vehicles.
  • Fixed OEM UI no touch control issue in some vehicles with IOB system.
  • Fixed vehicles with IOB system cannot switch audio source automatically.
  • Improved speed and performance with PX6 six-core CPU.
  • Improved sound and Bluetooth quality with PX6 six-core new hardware. 


  • This Android Navigation Radio Can Be Installed in Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500 2014 - 2018 and 2500 3500 2019.
  • Only OEM screen and A/C control panel will be replaced, thus almost all OEM features will be retained. You even can use OEM cd player. You need to take out the screen to change cd though:)
  • The sound of the vertical screen head unit will be fed through AUX wires to the sound system of the vehicle.
  • Check your OEM Screen Size -
  • Factory Unit Needs to Be Working for our Aftermarket Unit to Work
  • Please contact us if you have questions.

Main Features:

  • Android  9/12. Fast boot for Android 9. Boots up in seconds.
  • OEM screen UI can be displayed and controlled on the vertical screen.
  • 12.1 inch vertical touch screen. Supports split-screen mode.
  • Physical buttons and knobs for most, if not all, A/C operations, independent of touchscreen functionality.
  • 256 color customizable back light for physical buttons and knobs, matching both Silverado and Sierra OEM colors.
  • Supports full screen display of navigation map.
  • 4 g ram 64 g rom
  • Plug and Play, no wiring required. 
  • Installation of Android apps in Play Store and from “Unknown sources”.
  • GPS navigation with Android apps of your choice. Default Here Wego with offline maps.
  • WiFi Internet connection. Bluetooth music and hands-free calling. MirrorLink with smartphones. Touch control of auto A/C. Display car info like RPM, speed. Optional TV, DVD, DVR modules, etc.
  • Retains factory backup cam, USB, steering wheel control, etc.
  • Support most audio and video format. Support Picture in Picture(PIP) playback of movies.
  • EQ balanced audio processing technology and 5.1 DSP Audio.

  • Support RCA rearview camera and other RCA Video input.

Optional Accessories:

  • Carplay and Android Auto module.
  • Compatible DVB-T, DVD, DVR comes at different prices and designs.
  • Please contact us for more information.




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